When companies rise to excellence, they often unwittingly develop arrogance, an offensive display of superiority or self-importance

Arrogance – Pride before the fall | Business Culture

When companies rise to excellence, they often unwittingly develop self-destructive habits that eventually undermine their success. Just as with people, such habits are learned and not innate parts of their business culture. Sometimes they get worse over time, and thus become addictions; however, they can be broken and overcome

Disciplining Bad Managers and Keeping Employees

Learning how to disciplining bad managers is a critical to retaining key employees and fostering a high-performance culture. So what are your choices: a) yell and scream b) ignore them, maybe they will change. c) shake your finger in their face and tell them you will “write them up”. Answer: None of the above. Disciplining […]

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Mastering Leadership, by Design

Amazon lists 89,461 books on Leadership, of which, 413 of them are for “Dummies”. After completing several leadership development workshops with various Fortune 200 clients recently, I realized that many companies are lacking a simple and clear understanding of what makes a good leader.