WGA’s Consulting Performance Audit Services help companies objectively evaluate the costs, timeliness, and value of Tier-1 consultants.

Consulting Performance Audit Services

Are you tired of endlessly paying Tier-1 Consulting firms for great PowerPoint presentations that have no value, recommendations that are unachievable, destroy our environment, negatively impact our society or are simply unethical? WGA’s Tier-1 Consulting Performance Audit Services help companies objectively and independently evaluate the costs, benefits, quality, proficiency, management, timeliness, and value of Tier-1 consultants. We also helped our clients with the recovery of consulting fees and damages resulting from the deficient performance of Tier-1 Consulting firms. Our services also help our clients take their own internal supplier performance management and metrics/dashboards to the next level.

WGA’s Tier-1 Consulting Performance Audit Services include:

·      Compliance with Environmental, Social and Governance practices
·      Innovation and Achieved Value of Services
·      Quality of Deliverables/Service Performance
·      Schedule/Timeliness of Performance
·      Invoicing and Payment Accuracy and Timeliness
·      Budget/Cost Control of Performance
·      Compliance with Regulatory, Permitting and Policies
·      Adequacy, Competency and Availability of Consultants
·      Project and Contract Management
·      Communications, Cooperation and Business Relationship Management

Our World-Class, Ethical, and Affordable Tier-1 Consulting Performance Audit Services focus on helping your company receive the value and benefits they deserve from their Tier-1 Consulting vendors.

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WGA has revolutionized the way companies procure, use and achieve results that matter from consulting. WGA360™, a subscription and task-based consulting service. Our subscription-based consulting model allows you to purchase fixed task-based services focused on successful results and not billable hours. WGA’s services focus on helping our clients develop a corporate strategy that offers the “best position to win”. We begin by evaluating value streams, customer needs, cost position, competitive position, growth opportunities, and operating performance. We focus on the details that enable our clients organization to deliver uncommon results through executing cost reduction and organic growth roadmaps, as well as acquisitions.

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