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Sustainable Transformation

ESG Consulting

Sustainable Transformation - The ever-increasing need for sustainable change

Sustainable Transformation - The ever-increasing need for sustainable change, learn how WGA Consulting can help your company

  • ESG Consulting Services Overview

    Global Capabilities / Real Results / Real Change

    Our Environment, Social and Governance, ESG Consulting services serve a broad array of industries. We cover all critical aspects of your ESG priorities including ESG strategy, ESG operations, ESG sourcing and supply chain management and NetZero strategy. We serve local, regional and global ESG consulting clients, and we align our ESG consulting efforts with your overall enterprise-level corporate strategy.

    ESG Strategy

    Sustainable Transformation

    • Diagnose and treat ESG problems
    • Unlock the full potential of existing sustainability efforts
    • Performance benchmarking with peers
    • Real Commitment, Real Action, Real Results, Real Change
    • Embedded and comprehensive integration
    • Revolution focused methods, Strategy-to-Habit

    Building Green Enterprises

    Decarbonization & NetZero

    • Creating and scaling new business with ESG at the core
    • Sourcing and Supply Chain
    • Carbon tracking and accounting
  • ESG Consulting: Industry expertise

    WGA’s ESG consulting services focus on helping our clients develop an ESG enterprise level strategy that delivers enduring results that matter. We begin by evaluating existing ESG strategy, benchmarking peers, ESG progress, competitive position, ESG opportunities, and ESG operating performance. We focus on the data and details that enable our client’s organization to revolutionize their ESG initiatives, programs and operations.

    ESG Consulting: Our Industry Practices include

    Aerospace and Defense


    Consumer Goods

    Industrial Manufacturing

    Media & Entertainment

    Oil Gas Chemicals

    Pharmaceuticals and Medical Products


  • ESG Consulting: Recommended Current Practices (RCP™) ESG Benchmarking Services

    WGA’s proprietary Recommended Current Practices (RCP™) is a collaboratively developed industry-specific benchmark methodology provided by our ESG consulting services practice area. RCP™ combines current ESG industry practices with maturity models to score, rank and compare a broad array of specific ESG capabilities.

    RCP™ – “Best, Bad and Right ESG Practices”

    A company or industry specific “best-practice” does not have to be the best-practice for your company. WGA believes that one size may not fit all even if it is really the “best-practice”. WGA’s RCP™ benchmarking services focus on helping our clients to customize our “recommended-practice” to be the “right-practice” for their company. Any “best-practice” is only as valuable as its ability to eliminate the problems in an industry or business function and create business value. There may be a few “right-practices” for a given situation. WGA advises our clients to choose and customize the most feasible one. Choose the “fastest” one among the “right” ones. Good “right-practices” will broaden your organization’s potential and unlock hidden value.

    “Bad-practices” are equally as important as “right-practice”. WGA’s experience helping clients design and implement “right-practice” solutions include the common operational mistakes many of our clients make when attempting to deploy and sustain right-practices on their own. These “dos and donts” are a key differentiator with WGA’s RCP™ benchmarking services.

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  • WGA Consulting, WGA Advisors, WGA360, Brian and his teams provide exemplary strategy and management consulting services. We have been a reoccurring client for the past 10 years. We turn to WGA when we need fresh ideas and innovation, to resolve big problems and when we need to successfully complete initiatives. Don’t use McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc, call on WGA instead. Read more

    MichaelVice President Operations$49B Global Oil & Gas Company

    Over the past 10 years, our company has experienced a number of failures and setbacks using each of the “big name” system integrators and consulting companies. We realized that we do a much better job of leading our own SAP efforts and now simply look outside to staff our projects. We always bring in WGA to assist us with all of our project staffing needs. WGA provides us with top talent and high performers that ensure we achieve our goals and projects are on-time and on-budget. WGA’s PMO outsourcing has also allowed us to dramatically reduce our project tracking and management costs. Read more

    AnnSr. Director - Business Systems$38B Aerospace & Defense Contractor
    Strategy Consulting

    After failed attempts by two other big name consulting firms, I was under pressure from our executive leadership to make our supply chain optimization happen. We needed assistance from a firm that had global reach, could deploy immediately and were experts at identifying improvements and executing changes. I called on WGA to help us turnaround our efforts. WGA delivered on their commitment and helped us realize an additional ($57M/yr) in cost reductions. WGA is excellent to work with and delivers high impact results! Read more

    WilliamVice President Supply Chain Operations$178B Global Automobile Manufacturer

    WGA Consulting masterfully orchestrated our global Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy for our SAP S/4 Hana deployment, expertly balancing uniformity with local adaptability. By crafting a cohesive framework that delineates clear visions and objectives, stakeholder analysis, and communication plans tailored for diverse global teams, they’ve ensured every region feels both included and crucial to the project’s success. Their approach meticulously integrated impact assessments with targeted mitigation strategies, underpinning a robust, flexible learning and training program that respects regional nuances and business context. Central to their strategy was the development and dissemination of standardized OCM tools, templates, and methodologies, all managed from a central hub that facilitates seamless execution, monitoring, and feedback across all deployments. This strategic foresight not only champions a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation but also solidifies the foundation for sustainable SAP S/4HANA utilization, making WGA Consulting a pivotal partner our digital transformation journey. Read more

    WillVice President Global Shared Services$200B Global Oil and Gas Company

    3 Years after purchasing two smaller competitors in our industry, our executive leadership team was struggling to see the cost savings of our consolidation efforts. Two other strategy consulting firms were brought in to assist us in determining and fixing the problems. After we spent $18M USD in 6 months with limited success, we decided to end the contracts early with the two other firms. Our COO recommended that we call WGA. In just 3 months, WGA had developed a strategy to simplify our operational processes, merge overlapping business systems and consolidate our service offerings in various international operations. Since our first project, WGA remains our key trusted strategy and consulting partner for all of our business needs Read more

    JavierSenior Vice President Corporate Strategy and Planning$44B Aerospace and Defense Contractor

    After two decades of organic growth, many of our managers in the organization were starting to see a chronic problem. Our operations had become too complex to manage. Our executive leadership agreed and my department was assigned to lead the effort. We reached out to WGA to help us identify and prioritize meaningful simplification opportunities. They worked with us to facilitate designing, planning and implementing all aspects of the program. The results were incredible, we consolidated and reduced over 950+ global positions and eliminated over 7000+ waste and bottleneck problems. We also consolidated and relocated three of our manufacturing centers into one lower cost location. The bottom line results of WGA’s services were outstanding! Read more

    ZachVice President Organizational Effectiveness$87B Aerospace and Defense Contractor

    Partnering with WGA Consulting to establish our Center of Excellence for Organizational Change Management has been a pivotal step for our company in the Oil & Gas sector. Their team brought profound expertise and innovative strategies that were instrumental in developing a robust framework tailored to our unique challenges and objectives. WGA Consulting guided us through the entire process, from the initial design and strategy formulation to the implementation and ongoing optimization of our OCM practices. Their approach not only ensured the seamless integration of change management into our organizational fabric but also empowered our teams with the tools and methodologies necessary for driving effective change. The Center of Excellence has become a cornerstone of our transformation efforts, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the industry with agility and confidence. We are deeply appreciative of WGA Consulting’s role in helping us foster a culture that embraces change as a pathway to success. Read more

    TiffanySenior Vice President of Human Resources$102B Oil & Gas company

    In our endeavor to implement SAP S/4 Hana with WGA Consulting, the standout feature was their exceptional focus on business context training. Understanding the unique challenges and intricacies of the Oil & Gas industry, WGA Consulting tailored their learning and training programs to go beyond just technical proficiency. They immersed our teams in real-world business scenarios, ensuring that every employee could see how their role and the new system intersected with our broader business objectives. This approach not only facilitated a deeper understanding of SAP S/4 Hana but also empowered our staff to make more informed decisions, improving efficiency and driving innovation. The training was comprehensive, covering not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why,’ which was instrumental in securing buy-in across all levels of our organization. WGA Consulting’s dedication to aligning technology with business strategy through focused training has been instrumental in our successful digital transformation, setting us on a path to achieving our long-term goals with confidence. Read more

    PaulaSenior Director | COE Organizational Change Management$400B Global Oil & Gas Company, operating in the segments of Upstream, Energy Products, Chemical Products, and Specialty Products

    Our Global Services & Support business unit was working with our internal business partners to develop our 2030 business strategy roadmap. We were having difficulty with prioritizing our business needs. Some of our supply partners needed a firm picture of our roadmap immediately in order to formalize commitments. We reached out to one of our strategic consulting suppliers for assistance, but they wouldn’t be able to dispatch a team to help us for over 3 months. That’s when I called WGA. As a true partner, WGA had their team on the ground 2 days later and we were able to complete our strategy and planning efforts in just 6 weeks! WGA is now our go to/preferred strategy consulting supplier.

    PamelaDirector Business Planning$95B Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

    WGA has been instrumental in many of our global initiatives in recent years. WGA has been able to respond and deliver on projects around the globe. WGA’s teams are flexible, easy to work with and always deliver what we need, when we need it. Read more

    KathyGeneral Manager Shared Services Organization$439B Integrated Oil Company

    After our Telematics project missed key milestone dates and our company was running national commercials that the new technology would be in our cars in 6 months, we called WGA to help. WGA conducted a healthcheck of our Telematics PMO and provided us with a turnaround strategy and plan. We were initially shocked by the problems WGA identified and had to take some personnel actions to achieve our deadlines. WGA’s turnaround strategy was simple to execute and allowed us to deliver our Telematics project 1 month earlier than planned. WGA’s ability to get to the root-cause and their comfort with delivering bad news to our executive leadership reflects their reputation for integrity and professionalism. Read more

    GeorgeChief Information Officer$89B Automobile Manufacturer

    WGA Consulting has been an outstanding partner for over 10 years on a number of benchmarking, strategy and corporate initiatives. They have helped us with nearly every aspect of our business. I particularly like WGA’s “white glove” style and fact based/pragmatic culture. Read more

    ChrisVice President Operations$34B Industrial Products Manufacturer

    We worked with WGA to fine tune our long term business strategy to address unforeseen changes in Asia, Canada and South America. WGA’s independent analysis of additional plausible scenarios helped us realign the timing of our capital investments and adjust our organizational redesign. WGA’s foresight and deep cross-industry experience has helped us on a number of occasions advert unnecessary challenges. Read more

    MikeExecutive Vice President Corporate Planning and Strategy$68B Industrial Manufacturer

    After making over 400 safety related improvements in our global operations, we determined that many of our leaders weren’t convinced about the urgency of these changes. WGA put together a culture change strategy to immediately achieve adoption. WGA helped us deploy a number of initiatives, including a leadership training and coaching/mentoring program along with improvements to our global leadership competency framework. WGA was essential in helping our organization make these changes stick. Read more

    BobSenior Vice President Shared Services Organization$76B Global Oil & Gas Company

    WGA helped us design, develop and deploy improvements in our global procurement organization. WGA’s category management strategy enabled us to realign our regional procurement centers to focus on maximizing the value of our resources, improving customer service levels with our internal business customers and consolidating overlapping positions across the enterprise. During our second year of the category management structure we have realized over $90M in operational cost reduction and increased all of our internal metrics for speed, quality and customer service. Read more

    JamesDirector Global Procurement$220B Integrated Oil and Energy Company

    Our network of Automobile accessory plants were experiencing unexpected levels of demand from our major Automotive customers. Our operating costs were out of control, and we were missing delivery dates. Two of our largest customers threated to cancel over $500M dollars in annual contracts. After reaching out to several tier-1 management consulting firms, we selected WGA Consulting based upon their unique, innovative and accelerated approach. In just 2 weeks, WGA had identified a combination of people, culture, process and operating problems, prioritized action plans and temporarily took over executive leader roles at our plants to drive the improvements. In less than 3 months, WGA had resolved our issues and brought our operating costs down by over 32% ($127M/annually) and improved our customer OTIF by 29% to 98.9%/week. WGA is our trusted/go to consulting partner when we need help! Read more

    EllynVice President Manufacturing Operations$19B Global Automobile Accessory Manufacturer