“Technology clients are continuing to face an innovate or shrink consumer environment. Innovation and customer experience in all aspects of product development and business operations remains the focus. “

  • Technology Industry Practice Overview

    Leading a hardware, software and technology service company represents industry specific management challenges. As any industry executive will tell you, to successfully stay ahead of the instant Innovation/Obsolescence cycle, address constant consumer and market changes, and combat emerging market competition requires a strong adaptable strategy and execution capability that moves beyond just innovation.

    High-tech companies are faced with a new set of pressures nearly every quarter resulting an over-growing level of management and execution complexity. Be it “cheaper, better, faster” demands from customers, emerging platforms, new business models, or architecture shifts, high-tech companies are faced with constant change pressures from every angle.

    Simultaneously, “heritage” companies are maturing, catching up with their high-tech counterparts. These companies are focused on making evolutionary leaps but are suffering from common challenges; globalization, regulation, increasing competition, and lower-cost channels.

  • WGA’s Technology Industry expertise

    WGA has a broad background working with global, national and regional IT services, software, hardware, semiconductor, integration, and component technology clients.

    Our services include:


    • Local, Regional and Global Strategy
    • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture
    • Cost Reduction
    • Supply Chain Optimization
    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Business Process
    • Information Technology
    • Enterprise Technology optimization
    • Program Management
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