Operation Excellence

Operation Excellence – transform your enterprise efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience

WGA’s subscription-based Operation Excellence consulting services can help your business achieve a 3X increase in customer satisfaction, a 31-49% in cost savings, and increase productivity 42-84%. WGA’s Consulting-as-a-Service offering, WGA360™ Operational Excellence Consulting, is an affordable subscription-based consulting service to transform your enterprise efficiency, effectiveness, and customer experience. Oh, did we mention, WGA360™ is a subscription model, you can use your company p-card or credit card to purchase our WGA360™ services, for as low as $3,120 (USD)/day for a 2-person team.

WGA360™ Consulting service subscription focuses on deploying a transformation that lasts. Our rapid service delivery enables WGA to successfully deliver our operation excellence consulting quickly allowing our clients to achieve sustainable results.

WGA360™ Operation Excellence Consulting Services include:
• Award-winning Operation Excellence consulting services
• Transform your customer journey, improve your customer experience resulting in a 3X increase in customer satisfaction
• Digitize operations, leveraging the latest automation technologies and next-generation analytics resulting in a 31-49% cost savings through automation
• Improve enterprise operational productivity resulting in a 42-84% productivity increase
• A dedicated team of two WGA Consulting experts, the team is comprised of a Principal and Lead Associate.

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