Generative AI | Discover Adaeda, WGA Consulting's groundbreaking AI tool. Seamlessly blending innovation and efficiency.

Generative AI: Meet, Adaeda, our generative AI tool for enhanced efficiency and insightful research

Generative AI: A state-of-the-art generative AI solution, meticulously developed by our specialized AI practice team. Leveraging WGA’s expansive repository, Adaeda has been trained with an unparalleled knowledge base, encompassing over 6 million pages of documents, benchmarking data, analytical findings, and archival records. The training datasets were scrubbed for proprietary customer data and walled off from access to future proprietary customer data.

This advanced tool epitomizes the culmination of WGA’s dedication to innovation, setting a new standard for AI-powered insights and analytical prowess in the consulting space. Adaeda began construction during the Covid-19 Pandemic, leveraging a unique set of algorithms developed by WGA’s AI team to assist our consulting teams with research, complex-data analysis, and to deliver faster results on client engagements. Adaeda began beta testing in the spring of 2022 on client engagements. We worked to incorporate improvements into Adaeda, including the integration of external data sources and by the end of 2022, ChatGPT.

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Generative AI: A Glimpse into the Future of Consulting

Adaeda is now a generative AI tool being used consistently on our engagements to assist our teams with efficiency improvement and reduced costs. It is clear that Adaeda is not just another tool in WGA’s repertoire; it’s a testament to the company’s forward-thinking approach and an embodiment of the fusion of human intelligence with cutting-edge technology. We believe in combining the intuitive nature of human consulting with the precision, speed, and consistency that only a tool like Adaeda can provide.

Naming and Significance

Adaeda was the name chosen for WGA’s new generative AI tool, named in homage to Ada Lovelace, who is often regarded as the world’s first computer programmer. She worked on Charles Babbage’s early mechanical general-purpose computer, the Analytical Engine, and her notes on the engine contain what is recognized as the first algorithm intended for processing by a machine. The name “Adaeda” would evoke a sense of pioneering spirit in the realms of computation and knowledge.

Generative AI: Seamless Integration and Utilization

How does Adaeda work? Our teams use a proprietary interface integrated into Microsoft Teams, allowing our teams to ask Adaeda questions and to have Adaeda analyze uploaded complex datasets, charts, and graphics provided by the user. Adaeda processes the questions, leveraging our internal knowledge base, internal and external sources to assist our teams with applying WGA’s knowledge and experience to improve productivity and efficiency. The integration with Microsoft Teams demonstrates WGA’s commitment to seamless collaboration and effective communication.

Rapid Deployment and Results

“Adaeda is having a significant impact on our ability to rapidly deploy our services. On average, we are completing cases 30% faster than before and saving our customers up to 78% on our consulting fees compared to our Big-Name competitors.”

– Alma Hill, WGA partner

Adaeda’s ability to instantaneously visualize complex analyses ensures that our clients can immediately grasp intricate concepts, data patterns, and insights, hastening decision-making and empowering them with clarity.

The Ethical Commitment

WGA Consulting understands the implications and responsibilities of deploying AI tools like Adaeda. Data privacy and security remain paramount. The rigorous data scrubbing ensures that proprietary customer data is safeguarded, and the walled-off architecture guarantees the sanctity of future data.

“Adaeda has harnessed the full power of our people, collective body of knowledge, and WGA’s capabilities. We have discovered efficiencies and new, innovative, and exciting ways to help our clients.”

– Lisa Jones , WGA partner

The introduction of Adaeda marks a transformative moment in the consulting landscape. As we harness the power of AI, we remain rooted in our mission: to deliver unparalleled service, insights, and value to our clients. Adaeda isn’t just an AI tool; it’s the future of efficient, effective, and ethical consulting.

Learn more about Adaeda and WGA Consulting’s array of capabilities and services.

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