Partnering with WGA Consulting to establish our Center of Excellence for Organizational Change Management has been a pivotal step for our company in the Oil & Gas sector. Their team brought profound expertise and innovative strategies that were instrumental in developing a robust framework tailored to our unique challenges and objectives. WGA Consulting guided us through the entire process, from the initial design and strategy formulation to the implementation and ongoing optimization of our OCM practices. Their approach not only ensured the seamless integration of change management into our organizational fabric but also empowered our teams with the tools and methodologies necessary for driving effective change. The Center of Excellence has become a cornerstone of our transformation efforts, enabling us to navigate the complexities of the industry with agility and confidence. We are deeply appreciative of WGA Consulting’s role in helping us foster a culture that embraces change as a pathway to success.


For over 12 years, WGA Consulting and their exceptional team, led by Brian, have been invaluable advisors during my tenures at J&J, Roche/Genentech, and BioMarin. Their fact-based analysis, innovative approach, and ability to deliver impactful results make them the go-to choice. Their track record of success, coupled with a dedication to achieving real and lasting […]


WGA Consulting, WGA Advisors, WGA360, Brian and his teams provide exemplary strategy and management consulting services. We have been a reoccurring client for the past 10 years. We turn to WGA when we need fresh ideas and innovation, to resolve big problems and when we need to successfully complete initiatives. Don’t use McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc, call on WGA instead.



In our endeavor to implement SAP S/4 Hana with WGA Consulting, the standout feature was their exceptional focus on business context training. Understanding the unique challenges and intricacies of the Oil & Gas industry, WGA Consulting tailored their learning and training programs to go beyond just technical proficiency. They immersed our teams in real-world business scenarios, ensuring that every employee could see how their role and the new system intersected with our broader business objectives. This approach not only facilitated a deeper understanding of SAP S/4 Hana but also empowered our staff to make more informed decisions, improving efficiency and driving innovation. The training was comprehensive, covering not only the ‘how’ but also the ‘why,’ which was instrumental in securing buy-in across all levels of our organization. WGA Consulting’s dedication to aligning technology with business strategy through focused training has been instrumental in our successful digital transformation, setting us on a path to achieving our long-term goals with confidence.


WGA Consulting masterfully orchestrated our global Organizational Change Management (OCM) strategy for our SAP S/4 Hana deployment, expertly balancing uniformity with local adaptability. By crafting a cohesive framework that delineates clear visions and objectives, stakeholder analysis, and communication plans tailored for diverse global teams, they’ve ensured every region feels both included and crucial to the project’s success. Their approach meticulously integrated impact assessments with targeted mitigation strategies, underpinning a robust, flexible learning and training program that respects regional nuances and business context. Central to their strategy was the development and dissemination of standardized OCM tools, templates, and methodologies, all managed from a central hub that facilitates seamless execution, monitoring, and feedback across all deployments. This strategic foresight not only champions a culture of continuous improvement and adaptation but also solidifies the foundation for sustainable SAP S/4HANA utilization, making WGA Consulting a pivotal partner our digital transformation journey.


Our Global Services & Support business unit was working with our internal business partners to develop our 2030 business strategy roadmap. We were having difficulty with prioritizing our business needs. Some of our supply partners needed a firm picture of our roadmap immediately in order to formalize commitments. We reached out to one of our […]


Our network of Automobile accessory plants were experiencing unexpected levels of demand from our major Automotive customers. Our operating costs were out of control, and we were missing delivery dates. Two of our largest customers threated to cancel over $500M dollars in annual contracts. After reaching out to several tier-1 management consulting firms, we selected WGA Consulting based upon their unique, innovative and accelerated approach. In just 2 weeks, WGA had identified a combination of people, culture, process and operating problems, prioritized action plans and temporarily took over executive leader roles at our plants to drive the improvements. In less than 3 months, WGA had resolved our issues and brought our operating costs down by over 32% ($127M/annually) and improved our customer OTIF by 29% to 98.9%/week. WGA is our trusted/go to consulting partner when we need help!


After a number of global product recalls, front-page news, U.S. Senate hearings and a FDA Consent Decree, we began to make sweeping improvements across our network of manufacturing sites. We engaged WGA to develop a strategy and manage efforts. I repeatedly call on WGA’s world-class team to assist our organization with strategy, planning and critical initiatives.


Our new CEO brought in a global business strategy company to identify opportunities to transform our company. Our global shared services organization was among five key areas identified. However, the $4 million dollar game plan provided by the global business strategy company was vague and had an unrealistic list of assumptions and unachievable benefits. After expressing my concerns to the board, our SVP of Business Planning suggested that I call WGA to flush out the strategy. WGA helped us rationalize the other firm’s game plan, essentially we scrapped their plan and started over. WGA’s fact based approach helped us 1) Consolidate our Shared Service operations from 3 to 1 facility saving us $49M/year, 2) Move HR and Legal to our Shared Services organization and 3) Streamlined our Shared Service operations resulting in an annual cost reduction of $190M/year.


3 years after deploying SAP, we began to experience major process break downs and chronic user and system problems. Our business customers in Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement and HR had escalated these chronic problems to our leadership team. We were unable to pinpoint the root causes and were under pressure to fix the situation. WGA helped us identify a number of “misses” and business changes that were not in our design. WGA assessed, diagnosed, prioritized and helped us take corrective action quickly. WGA enabled us to triage the situation and re-established confidence with our internal business customers.