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Mastering Leadership, by Design

Amazon lists 89,461 books on Leadership, of which, 413 of them are for “Dummies”. After completing several leadership development workshops with various Fortune 200 clients recently, I realized that many companies are lacking a simple and clear understanding of what makes a good leader.

  • Leadership Services Overview

    Influencing and Inspiring Achievement
    Enlisting the aid and support of others to deliver enduring success

    The success of an organization greatly depends on the quality of leadership. Good leaders can lead the group to a higher level of performance by setting reachable goals and energizing the team to accomplish those goals. Effective leadership acts as an on-going support system to the organization, influencing and inspiring them to achieve organizational objectives.

    An organization without strong, well-rounded leaders can suffer in numerous ways:

    • Poor business performance
    • Lack of common direction
    • Unmotivated, unhappy, and disengaged employees
    • Loss of key employees
    • Negative work environment and organizational culture
  • WGA’s Leadership Service Offerings

    WGA Consulting offers various leadership coaching and development services to identify, recommend and resolve these challenges including:

    Small Group Facilitation: Through a well-structured and closely facilitated group meeting, WGA helps leaders identify team issues and create action plans to create a high-performance team. WGA will facilitate your leadership meetings to keep the group focused, reduce conflict between group members, ensure active participation, and develop win/win solutions.

    One-on-One Executive Coaching: Personal coaching sessions offer leaders a fresh unbiased perspective on leadership practices and help to identify opportunities for promoting growth. WGA will measure a leader’s style and competencies against the organization’s objectives and external benchmarks to help create a personalized leadership development plan, which will support personal and organizational goals.

    Leadership Development Workshops: WGA’s unparalleled leadership development workshops provide leaders an opportunity to self-reflect and discover their leadership styles through exciting games, introspective activities, and knowledge sharing with other leaders. Leadership development workshops also help to achieve alignment and increase commitment within teams. Leaders come out of our workshops with individualized action plans and performance objectives. WGA will develop and deliver customized leadership development workshops based on management input and WGA’s organizational needs assessment.

    Inscape Publishing’s DiSC 363 for Leaders: The DiSC 363 is a method used to display differences between the way leaders perceive themselves, the way their peers perceive them, and provide industry specific leadership benchmark comparisons. The results provide your organization’s leaders with their strengths as well as opportunities for growth to achieve a well-rounded leadership profile to compliment your organization’s culture.

    To achieve and sustain meaningful professional development through this tool, WGA will provide the following:

    • Coordinate evaluations and prepare feedback
    • Meet with the leader to help process and understand the feedback
    • Assist the leader in identifying development areas and creating professional development plans
    • Provide resources to help the leader achieve goals
    • Schedule follow-up meetings to measure progress and promote accountability
  • $76B Global Oil & Gas Company
    Senior Vice President

    Shared Services Organization

    “After making over 400 safety related improvements in our global operations, we determined that many of our leaders weren’t convinced about the urgency of these changes. WGA put together a culture change strategy to immediately achieve adoption. WGA helped us deploy a number of initiatives, including a leadership training and coaching/mentoring program along with improvements to our global leadership competency framework. WGA was essential in helping our organization make these changes stick. “

    $32B Aerospace & Defense Company
    Executive Vice President

    Organizational Effectiveness

    “Our company faced a significant problem, 47% of our leaders were eligible to retire over the next five years. Though we had been focused on succession planning, we struggled with understanding the complexity of the process. We engaged WGA to conduct a study of our problem and determine how the company could mitigate our future leadership gaps. WGA identifed a number of unforeseen causes and developed a new strategy. Using industry benchmarks, WGA enabled us to establish a leadership development program, deploy a new global learning capability combined with a ten year transitional organizational redesign.”

  • Leadership Service Case Studies

    Diverse Organization: Business success in a complex world

    Diverse Organization: Business success in a complex world

    Diverse Organization: World-Class companies are adopting diversity and inclusion as a business strategy creating a new competitive advantage in 2019.

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