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Manufacturing |production costs is a hot topic in business today. Prices for raw materials, energy, and water have seen sharp increases.

  • Procurement Consulting Overview

    Unlock the value of Supply Management
    In many industries, procurement represents 60% of overall costs, but most companies do little to improve cost savings and value from suppliers

    Given the continued and growing importance of procurement, current trends reflect the growing chasm between what procurement teams can deliver and what executives expect. Many companies believe that their procurement capabilities are ineffective and are not creating shareholder value. International sourcing accounts for the single largest overall cost in most companies, regardless of industry. Thus procurement is a strategic differentiator at top performing companies, as it represents a means of improving their top and bottom lines. These companies are now using the strength of their supply management as a strategic and tactical enabler to improve supplier value and to create cost savings. These improvements are realized through faster cycle times, additional freed up working capital, improved supply chain responsiveness, and increased revenue.

    Given the importance of procurement, current trends reflect a growing chasm between what procurement teams can deliver and what executives expect. In an age of aggressive global competition, lightening speed production cycles and increased risk of supply chain disruption, executives need to know how to unlock the value procurement. It is these trends necessitating the need for company’s procurement capabilities to evolve.

  • WGA’s Procurement Consulting Offerings

    WGA helps clients from around the world to mature their supply management capability. Our approach focuses on simplifying supply channels through the selection of fewer, more capable suppliers – without losing sight of the need to manage risk. We leverage global sources from more competitive locations while fostering true relationship management.

    Procurement Optimization

    • Examination of current procurement KPIs,
      supporting systems, and
      incentive structures
    • Category spend management
    • Cost reduction analysis
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Performance Improvement
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