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Sustaining Unified Business Process Adoption

Performance Improvement services focuses on putting our clients in the best position to win. Operational Excellence, Lean Six Sigma & Business Turnaround

WGA successfully completes Global Unified Business Process consolidation project for Global Pharmaceutical Industry Client reduces annual costs by $427M.

  • Performance Improvement Services Overview

    Enabling the “success cycle”
    Continuous adaptation, resilience and flexibility – the keys to achieving breakout performance

    Constant and consistent high performance requires companies to transform their businesses to continuously adapt and instantly respond to challenges. Transformation to a model of enterprise agility requires a holistic approach, focusing on horizontal and vertical core business functions in such areas as: business process, strategic sourcing, supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, change management, and/or Lean Six Sigma. An adaptive performance system focuses on these areas and using the right strategy coupled with a commitment to constant improvement.

    WGA’s performance improvement work is the foundation and spirit of the services we provide to clients. Case studies show that our clients can achieve significant revenue increases and cost reductions as a result of using our services. As part of our commitment to creating value, we often tie our own fees to our clients’ results.

    WGA’s approach to performance improvement focuses on our client’s core business, working in collaboration to integrate continuous optimization and flexibility to achieve execution excellence. Tailoring our services to match our client’s needs, WGA starts by conducting a simple diagnostic assessment, to identify the key controls for improving performance. For the key priorities to improve performance, we define specific goals and assemble collaborative client and WGA resource teams to use the most valuable tools, WGA functional expertise, and change management techniques to deliver results

  • WGA’s Performance Improvement Service Offerings

    Operational Excellence

    We bring proven methodologies, treatments and tools to maximize your organizational capabilities, business processes and performance management skills

    Simplify Complexity

    We focus on customers, stakeholders, products and critical business functions to determine what level of complexity and cost is best to meet organizational goals

    Business Process

    We focus on leveraging the value of IT to enable automation, realizing bottom-line value by eliminating waste from processes, and efficiency of moving commodity business functions to high performing service providers to ensure your company can focus on its core business

    Lean Six Sigma

    From Lean Culture to target improvements, we help our clients eliminate bottlenecks and waste


    WGA’s services don’t just end at the completion of the turnaround strategy. As your partner, we work in collaboration with your management teams to execute and realize the value of the turnaround strategy quickly.

  • Performance Improvement Case Studies

    agile operations

    Agile Operations and the Olympics

    Agile Operations | As global competition heats up in the marketplace, executives must get better information to deal with an increasing number of challenges.

    business leaders

    Business Leaders: Luck and knowing when to audible

    Business Leaders: Luck and knowing when to audible This weekend I was watching the end of the USC-Stanford game and as it became clear that Stanford


    Insight: The Rise of Lean And Why It Matters

    Understanding the business value of lean and how world-class organizations are unlocking the benefits of lean and why it matters.

    Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence: Unlocking the benefits

    Operational Excellence is often an overlooked way to gaining competitive advantage. Learn more about WGA’s Operational Excellence Services

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    oil gas chemicals

    Operational Excellence: Lessons from the field

    WGA enables Global Oil & Gas client achieve and sustain operational cost reduction of -13% or $312M/year through Operational Excellence

  • $276B Global Pharma, Consumer and Medical Device Manufacturer
    General Manager

    Supply Chain Operations

    “After a number of global product recalls, front-page news, U.S. Senate hearings and a FDA Consent Decree, we began to make sweeping improvements across our network of manufacturing sites. We engaged WGA to develop a strategy and manage efforts. I repeatedly call on WGA’s world-class team to assist our organization with strategy, planning and critical initiatives.”

    $102B Pharmaceutical Manufacturer
    Sr. Director

    Manufacturing Operations

    “WGA assisted us with developing and executing scenario-based turnaround strategies and addressing a number of business problems. WGA’s experience and services have helped us reduce operational costs, increase our competitiveness and improve operations.”

    $2.5B Food Manufacturer
    “After a number of setbacks with a large multi-year Business Transformation, we engaged WGA to assess our deployment model, PMO and user adoption problems. WGA helped us identify a number of corrective actions and deployed an innovative organizational change management strategy and practical methods that got us back on track. “
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