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Business Process and IT Outsourcing for
$178B Global Automobile Manufacturer

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“Our client realized an operational (-$57M/yr) cost reduction on $125M/yr in annual capital expenditures for BPO and ITO services”

  • Outsourcing, Insourcing Services Overview

    The right capability, at the right cost
    Reduce commodity activity investments, while improving the quality and value of these efforts.

    Formalized Outsourcing Insourcing is one of the most powerful tools in a company’s arsenal today to increase their competitive edge. Businesses continue to focus on maximizing each dollar spent to increase their competitive edge and focus as much of their budgets on innovation and high business value efforts. Companies should look at sourcing opportunities when the investment to transform low performing commodity activities exceeds the quality and value available from outsourcing best-in-class providers.

    Here are some questions management must be comfortable in answering to achieve outsourcing insourcing success:

    • Are we paying too much for commodity business process (BPO) and IT Operation (ITO) activities?
    • Are we getting the value, quality and innovation we expect from our internal resources?
    • Are we managing our outsourced service suppliers, or are they managing us?
  • WGA’s Outsourcing Insourcing Service Offerings

    WGA uses a proven approach to identify outsourcing opportunities in your business to reduce waste, leverage and maximize the value of commodity services and to ensure business objectives are obtained and allow larger investments in business innovation efforts. Using this approach, we ask “All commodity activities can be outsourced, what activities should be kept in-house to unlock our client’s full potential?” WGA’s work in outsourcing insourcing enables client to reallocate 1-3% of annual operating budgets to high value investments, and typically lowers costs by 20 to 40 percent.

    Opportunity Assessment

    Strategic Sourcing Strategy

    Sourcing Analysis, Supplier Selection
    and Execution

    Outsourcing Insourcing Transition

    Sourcing Optimization and
    Supplier Performance Evaluation

    Opportunity Assessment

    WGA assists our client’s Executive Management by; 1) Analyzing spend, strategy, business environment, core functions and processes, business service management requirements and business strategy 2) Evaluating findings to determine commodity service areas, associated risks and benefits to determine opportunities to outsource processes, functions and services, 3) Summarizing our observations, findings, the business case and recommendations into a strategic outsourcing strategy opportunity report.

    Strategic Sourcing Strategy

    WGA assists our client’s Executive Management team by developing, improving or optimizing the client’s outsourcing insourcing strategy to align with changes to the business and operations. After the Sourcing Strategy is forged, our Advisory Service team will assist your organization with the execution of the strategy from planning to transition.

    Sourcing Analysis, Supplier Selection and Execution

    WGA collaborates with our client’s organization to build consensus for the outsourcing insourcing strategy and to determine the details of the services, functions, and/or processes that will be outsourced to the selected supplier. Our services can include supplier “organizational fit” and supplier service offering evaluation, supplier selection coordination and development (request for information (RFI), request for proposal (RFP), statement of responsibilities (SOR), service-level (SLA) and key performance indicator (KPI) agreement).

    Outsourcing Insourcing Transition

    WGA assists our client with managing the transition to their new environment to ensure that their Business Process (BPO) and IT Outsourcing (ITO) strategy and benefits are realized.

    Outsourcing Insourcing Optimization and Supplier Performance Evaluation

    WGA reviews your existing BPO and ITO arrangement against established services levels and industry recommended practices. Our services can include service level and billing reviews, service performance, value and quality benchmarking, assurance of security and privacy compliance requirements and reviewing the effectiveness and value of the supplier/client relationship.

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