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“Business performance must be measured holistically. As an organization’s greatest asset, People are the driving force behind enduring business success. Studies have shown that people unhappy with their job and/or employer simply perform enough to keep from being fired.”

  • People Services Overview

    The Greatest Competitive Advantage
    Workforce happiness, capability, accountability and development

    The success of an organization lies in the ability of it’s workforce to execute strategic goals and objectives established by leadership. As the economy improves and organizations start hiring again, greater consideration to organizational talent will help ensure operating efficiency and optimal workforce performance.

    Failing to address people/workforce needs results in:

    • Interpersonal Conflict
    • Low Employee Morale and Engagement
    • Employee Turnover
    • Reduced Efficiency and Performance
  • WGA’s People Service Offerings

    WGA’s workforce performance services improve quality, capabilities and interpersonal relationships. Here is just a short sample of client tailored solutions :

    Competency and Proficiency Frameworks

    Organizations must understand the core competencies and level of proficiency needed to be successful in company roles so that business results are delivered. This tool will help you determine the core competencies needed by the people in your organization and how to apply competency data to improve performance.

    Inscape Publishing’s DiSC™ Personality Tests

    Becoming aware of the typical behavioral styles of people in your organization will help reduce conflict and improve communication to increase efficiency in day-to-day operations. This diagnostic tool will help your organization uncover reasons for productivity issues and provide a framework to develop strategies to address interpersonal challenges in your work environment

    Mentorship Programs

    Organizational mentorship has been proven through studies to improve job satisfaction and foster effective people performance. An effective mentoring program will also reduce the risk of losing internal knowledge and skills when key people leave the organization.

    Professional Development Plans

    Establishing a development program will help in identifying skills and competencies needed from your workforce to achieve business results. Through a system of professional development, your organization can close the gap between company goals and current productivity level.

    Personal Coaching

    The behavior of a company’s leaders influences the attitude of organizational members. Using statistical data and constructive feedback, a personal coach can provide an objective perspective to accelerate the development of your managers and improve employee morale throughout the organization.

    Employee Happiness Metric

    Employee satisfaction is a key predictor to business performance. Measuring employee happiness, analyzing the data, and developing improvement initiatives will make your organization a better place to work, improve workforce performance, and foster the financial health of your organization.

  • $276B Global Pharma, Consumer and Medical Device Manufacturer
    General Manager

    Supply Chain Operations

    “After a number of global product recalls, front-page news, U.S. Senate hearings and a FDA Consent Decree, we began to make sweeping improvements across our network of manufacturing sites. We engaged WGA to provide organizational change management for the culture changes that occurred. I repeatedly call on WGA’s world-class team to assist our organization with strategy, planning and organizational change management initiatives.”

    $86B High Tech Manufacturer
    Regional Vice President

    Manufacturing Operations

    “We continue to partnered with WGA regularly on several local and regional strategy and change management projects. I have found that WGA’s deep and broad industry experience has been invaluable to our company.”

  • People Service Case Studies

    Cultivating Operational Efficiency in Organizations

    Operational Efficiency: Cultivating Operational Efficiency in Organizations

    Operational efficiency is the capability of companies to deliver high quality goods or services to their customers in the most cost-efficient way possible.

    Strategy Consulting Discount Offers

    Strategy Consulting Discounted Service Offers

    Strategy Consulting: Is your company using consultants? Are they just too expensive? WGA Consulting is offering exclusive limited time discount offers

    Corporate Reorganization often causes fear and uncertainty Here are some ways to communicate and handle all the challenges of the reorganization.

    Corporate Reorganization – The Essentials

    Corporate Reorganization often causes fear and uncertainty. Here are some ways to communicate and handle all the challenges of the reorganization.

    Workforce Planning 2022 Trends: Adapt, retain talent & forecast to avoid surpluses shortages in your company

    Workforce Planning Process

    Workforce planning is a systematic analysis process that proactively plans ahead to avoid surpluses and shortages of what your organization will need


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