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Operational Excellence: Unlocking the benefits

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is often an overlooked way to gaining competitive advantage. Learn more about WGA's Operational Excellence Services

  • Operational Excellence Services Overview

    For today’s companies, operating environments are more competitive than ever. Globalization and technology are two large factors that are increasing the competitive environment, allowing customers to choose the best, most affordable products and services from anywhere in the world. In order to remain competitive, companies have had to reduce their operating costs, rationalize investment budgets, and boost operational efficiency.
    Operational excellence (OE) has allowed companies to improve customer service, reliability, responsiveness, increase production flexibility, while minimizing cost. WGA can analysis and diagnose all aspects of your business operations to optimize and streamline performance. We bring proven methodologies, treatments and tools to maximize your organizational capabilities, business processes and performance management skills.
    Operational excellence strategies and performance OE future state targets will differ based on industries and types of companies. For example, operational excellence, as well as the process for assessing how to achieve this excellence, will be vastly different for an oil company than for an internet service provider.
    WGA’s experience suggests OE realized future state targets can achieve:

    • Increase in profitability (≥ 15%)
    • Increase in customer service levels (≥ 15%)
    • Reduction planning time (≤ 25%)
    • Increase in asset utilization (≥ 20%)
    • Reduction in error rates (≤ 55%), wait and processing time (≤ 35%)
    • Decrease in product research development and management costs (≤ 30%)
  • WGA’s Operational Excellence Service Offerings

    WGA’s unique and highly-effective solutions focus on enabling our client’s own “success cycle” while protecting their competitive edge and allowing them to deliver breakout value to their stakeholders. Studies have shown that our clients experience higher success rates, reduced overall costs, and ultimately higher revenue when partnering with WGA.

    • Diagnosis and opportunity identification
    • Cultural Change
    • Zero Based Planning
    • Budgeting & Forecasting
    • Business Process Reengineering (Lean)
    • Operational and strategic reviews
    • Corporate governance and reporting
    • Integrated performance management
    • Costing and pricing
    • Organization
  • Operational Excellence Service Case Studies

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    Operational Excellence

    Operational Excellence: Unlocking the benefits

    Operational Excellence is often an overlooked way to gaining competitive advantage. Learn more about WGA’s Operational Excellence Services

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    Operational Excellence: Lessons from the field

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